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Whether you need a new battery or charger or you need a used battery or charger, we can help you.  In addition to offering a full line of new batteries and chargers, we have a variety of used batteries and chargers in stock.  Call us for a quote for your battery or charger.  We will ask you for specific information so we can supply the correct battery or charger for your needs.  All of our in-stock used batteries and chargers are also available for rental.

We have a form on line to assist you in providing the necessary information.  Because the form is inclusive of both batteries and chargers, only parts of the form will apply to you.  If you would like to fill out the parts of the form related to your battery or charger needs, print it and fax the completed form to us at (360) 696-8958, that will help us serve you more quickly.

Fax Request Form to (360) 696-8958


(360) 696-3357 -
(503) 226-0538

Call Service Battery for your commercial and industrial motive power batteries

(360) 696-3357 - (503) 226-0538

We accept batteries to recycle, call for details.

Some times you only need a back-up battery or a temporary battery.
Service Battery Inc. carries an inventory of used batteries for sale or for rent.