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Battery Handling Equipment

Service Battery, Inc., will provide you with the equipment needed to care for your batteries from transfer devices to washing stations.

Call us to help you set up handling systems to better ensure both efficiency and safety

Used Fork Lifts

Used Miscellaneous


Battery Lifting Devices
- Fork attachments
- Lifting beams
- Hoist and trolley kits
- Portable Gantry cranes (power and non-power)

Eye and Safety Stations
- Portable eye wash units
- Shower stations
- Pedestal mounted eye washer
- Wall-mounted eye washer
- Gravity flow eye washer

Stands, Transfer Carts and Carriages, Brackets
- Automatic Transfer Carriages
- Walkie transfer carriages
- Transfer carts
- Roller stands, roller stations
- Compartment roller trays
- Charger wall brackets and stands
Battery transfer carts available in all electric,
push/pull, mechanical, and winch

Recirculation/neutralization Systems

Wash Stations

Battery extractor systems
(triple stack, double stack, single level)

Additional Equipment and Accessories
- Battery monitoring equipment
- Battery spill response kits
- Cable retractors
- Water injectors
- Battery watering monitors
- Battery watering guns
- Battery flip tops
- Cordless battery watering carts
- Hydrometers
- Deionizer systems

And much, much more.

Call Service Battery for your commercial and industrial motive power batteries

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